As with all esports events the last months, due to the restrictions in place, the DreamHack - Masters Europe Jönköping, was canceled, and the 32 teams across four regions are competing in an online regional competition for a total of $300,000. There are 16 European teams, divided into four groups,  8 North American teams split into two groups, and then the Asia and Oceania regionals with four teams. The European and North American events have just started with round-robin group play on May 19, but the Asian and Oceanic tournaments will begin in early June with a double-elimination bracket format.

Thursday, May 21st
North - Heroic
Astralis - G2 Esports
Team Liquid - Furia Esports
Friday, May 22nd
Mousesports - Complexity Gaming
Mad Lions - BIG
MIBR - Chaos E.C.
Saturday, May 23rd
Mousesports - BIG
Mad Lions - Complexity Gaming
Team Liquid - MIBR
Sunday, May 24th
BIG - Complexity Gaming
Mousesports - Mad Lions
Furia Esports - Chaos E.C.


Winners of the European event will receive $54,000 of the $160,000 regional prize pool in addition to 400 ESL Pro Tour points. The top teams in North America have a prize pool of $100.000, Asia receives a price pool of $20,000, and Oceania $20,000 also.