The Dota 2 EPIC League started last 12 November 2020 and will go until 13 December 2020. In Division 1 are some of the best teams from the Europe/CIS regions and considering the $500,000 prize pool, we are in for some really great matches to watch. From the ten teams competing, OG, Team Nigma,, Team Secret, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Alliance, and Virtus.Pro received a direct invite and two other teams, mudgolems and Just Error (404), joined thru the qualifiers.

Saturday, November 21st - mudgolems
Alliance -
Team Secret - Just Error

Sunday, November 22nd

OG - Natus Vincere
Team Liquid - Alliance - Nigma

Thursday, November 26th

Alliance - mudgolems -
Team Secret - OG

Friday, November 27th - Just Error -
Team Liquid -
Team Secret - OG
Nigma - Natus Vincere


All matches are best-of-three, as usual in these type of events, top four teams will advance to the Playoffs, the rest advances to the play-in stage and the bottom two teams have to play the Division 2 Playoffs. The Playoffs will start on December 8th.