The regular season is almost over in the LEC - Summer 2020 League, and the teams are working hard as each of their matches matter regarding the playoffs seeding. The Summer Split postseason is also a deciding factor for Worlds 2020, so they will need all the advantages they can get to qualify.

While G2 had a great run in the Spring Split and raised the LEC trophy after some bumps in the road, they have had a very inconsistent Summer Split. The other team with the same LEC titles, Fnatic is not having a brilliant performance either, so let's see how they make it this week.

Currently the rookies of the event, MAD Lions are leading the standings with a 10 - 3, along with Rogue, who have proven their new team is ready for the big teams. Fnatic and SK Gaming are both tied at 7 - 6 and this week is extremely important for them. Excel Esports, G2 Esports, Origin follow with a 6 - 7 and Misfits Gaming and Vitality stand at 5 - 8. FC Schalke 04 is having a very poor season and is at the bottom.

Week 7

Friday, July 31st

Misfits Gaming - SK Gaming
FC Schalke 04 - Excel Esports
MAD Lions - Origen
Vitality - G2 Esports
Fnatic - Rogue

Saturday, August 1st

Rogue - SK Gaming
Misfits Gaming - Excel Esports
Vitality - MAD Lions
Origen - FC Schalke 04
G2 Esports - Fnatic

We are in the two last weeks before the Playoffs start, so it is a very important moment to follow the LEC - Summer 2020. What are your predictions? As usual, make sure to check our ODDS site before you decide to place your bettings.