The real battle has begun and the final 16 best teams of League of Legends are competing in the Group Stage of the League of Legends World Championship 2020. This is one of the very few events that will have a chance of spectators this year, and it still has to be confirmed. The event holds 5 weeks of action, with the finals on October 31st at the Pudong Soccer Stadium.

Tuesday, October 6th

G2 Esports - Team Liquid
Suning - Machi Esports
DRX - FlyQuest
Top Esports - Unicorns of Love
Fnatic - Gen.G Esports
Team SoloMid - LGD Gaming

Thursday, October 8th

Team Liquid - G2 Esports
Machi Esports - Suning
G2 Esports - Machi Esports
Suning - Team Liquid
Machi Esports - Team Liquid
Suning - G2 Esports

Friday, October 9th

DAMWON Gaming - Talon Esports
Rogue - JD Gaming
DAMWON Gaming - Rogue
JD Gaming - Talon Esports
Rogue - Talon Esports
JD Gaming - DAMWON Gaming

Saturday, October 10th

Fnatic - Team SoloMid
Gen.G Esports - LGD Gaming
Team SoloMid - Gen.G Esports
Fnatic - LGD Gaming
Team SoloMid - LGD Gaming
Gen.G Esports - Fnatic

Sunday, October 11th

FlyQuest - DragonX
Top Esports - Unicorns of Love
DragonX - Unicorns of Love
Top Esports - FlyQuest
FlyQuest - Unicorns of Love
DragonX - Top Esports


Last year, the event broke viewership records, and this year promises to be even bigger. Are you watching the games? Who is your favourite team to hold the Cup this year? As usual, make sure to check out our ODDS site to get a hint of which team has the best options in the upcoming matches.