In this strange year, we have seen the world change, but thankfully the League of Legends 2020 World Championship has been running with no incidents. This weekend we got some very exciting matches. With only two Quarterfinals to go, things are as exciting as they can be. Fnatic has been plagued with inconsistency issues during the regular split and suffered a devastating loss to G2 Esports in the LEC Summer Split Finals. They are facing Top Esports, one of the favorite teams to win the event, so it will be a tough game. On the other side, G2 Esports should not have too much trouble beating Gen.G Esports, even if the Korean team were first in their group.

Saturday, October 17th

Top Esports - Fnatic

Sunday, October 18th

Gen.G Esports - G2 Esports

Suning came into the event as the third seed from the LPL, but topped Group A and booked a spot in the semifinals after surprising the majority by predicting a JD Gaming victory. They recovered from a game one defeat and had some really spectacular plays made by AD carry Tang ‘Huan Feng’ Huan-Feng at the end of game two, where he got behind enemy lines and began to demolish JD Gaming from within its own base, popping a Jhin ult from long range that caught even the casters by surprise. DAMWON Gaming is already in the other semifinals after they beat DRX and has to wait on the results of this weekend's matches.

How are you enjoying this year's Worlds?