The Huya World E-sports Legendary League 2020 is an online tournament organized by ChenMeng Network. There are 5 teams with a direct invite, Fnatic, Team Sirius, TNC Predator, BOOM Esports, and Reality Rift. There are three teams from the China qualifier, Aster.Aries, CLcombat Team, and Ocean, that took place from May 15th to May 23rd. The other four teams come from the Southeast Asian qualifier that was held from May 24th to May 30th and are Neon Esports, Dotahero,, and Rise Esports. The group stage will be a BO2 round robin while the playoffs are a double-elimination bracket.

Thursday, June 4th

Ocean - Dotahero
CLcombat Team - Aster.Aries
Fnatic - Aster.Aries
Ocean - BOOM Esports

Friday, June 5th

Dotahero - BOOM Esports
Rise Esports - BOOM Esports
Rise Esports - Dotahero
TNC Predator - Ocean

Saturday, June 6th

Dotahero - Team Sirius
Fnatic - CLcombat Team
Reality Rift - Aster.Aeries
Reality Rift - Neon Esports

Sunday, June 7th

TNC Predator - Dotahero
TNC Predator - Team Sirius
CLcombat Team - Reality Rift
Neon Esports - Aster.Aries
BOOM Esports - Team Sirius

Monday, June 8th

Rise Esports - Team Sirius
Ocean - Team Sirius
Fnatic - Reality Rift Reality Rift

A lot of the teams participating are gearing up for this year's The International, so the level is very high for a minor. The prize pool for this minor is ¥500,000 CNY, more or less $ 70.000. Make sure to check our ODDS site to find the best information to place your bets.