Rainbow 6 Siege is one of those games that has an excellent Esports environment. The Leagues are well organized and there is plenty of games to watch. Now that the North American League - United States Stage 2 season 1 2020 has started, we can enjoy some great games, and see if the latest changes in the different teams will be for the best. Stage 1 had many more changes than this Stage, but we could see some movement in the eUnited team, that replaced two players, Seth "Callout" Mik and Roman "Forrest" Breaux, as well as their coach of Colby "Bagel" Smith with the ex-Luminosity player of Richie "Rexen" Coronado and the newcomer of Evan "Kanzen" Bushore.

Wednesday, September 16th

Spacestation Gaming - eUnited

Thursday, September 17th

Team SoloMid - Disrupt Gaming

For the Regional Major, the top three US Division teams and the winner of the NA League Qualifier, which invites the top Canadian and fourth to sixth-placed US Division teams, will compete at the North American Regional Major in November 13-15th. This Major will earn the winning team $62,500 and 510 SI Points, 2nd place $31,250 and 390 SI Points, 3rd $18,750 and 330 SI Points, and 4th $12,500 and 275 SI Points. We will eagerly await to see what happens at the Regional Major, so be sure to come back and find the best betting options!